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IoTMATE, a design house that you can trust to partner with for all your development needs. IoTMATE offered services cover the entire gamut of the IoT and smart devices ecosystem. You focus on developing solution and offering the best experience to your customers while IoTMATE takes care of the complete design and development aspects of your products. A large mnumber of companies trust IoTMATE for developing products with great features and unique go-to-market advantages.

  • Hardware design, development, and production.
  • Customized Firmware development for micro-controller and processor based products.
  • Cloud integration for your IoT based products.
  • Mobile APP development for controlling devices.
  • Device dashboard for device monitoring, management, and firmware management.
  • Rules and policies for access control and uncompromising security.

Our Cloud Native IoT Framework

Our IoT framework enables easy device to cloud migration of your business process.

Hardware Design

We design devices and select hardware components keeping in mind connectivity, security, and manageability needs  

Cloud Services

A highly available cloud platform supporting all reqiured IoT protocols, role and policy based access control. 


An OS supporting necessary connectivity and security features supported  on  various micrprocessors and microcontroller.

Mobile App

Our cross platform mobile development framework allows you to create your own iOS/Android mobile application.


Our Building Management System allows easy integration of several products and services in a single dashboard. 


Our cutting edge automation  solution for industries and home allow you to build simple yet powerfull solution.

Accelerating Your IoT Development

Offering smart IoT enabled products and services has never been this easy. Partner with IoTMATE to design and develop connected devices, connect them to the cloud for offering IoT based services using the IoTMATE Cloud Platform, and allow for easy access to your services with the app development services of IoTMATE. IoTMATE partners with you through the entire lifecycle of the development process.

Planning Idea

Translate your idea into marketable products and  services that offer the user experience that you planned for. Let IoTMATE gather the requirements and plan the development for you.

Proof Of Concept

Not sure if the idea will meet user expectations or would need some fine tuning? Will like to see idea in use before making that commitment and investment on it? The prototyping service of IoTMATE will help you develop prototypes that can be used to validate your products before embarking upon the production at scale.


Validated the prototype and are fully convinced of the idea. Now is the time to go for scale production and hit the market. Just like you, we too are excited at the opportunity ahead. Let IoTMATE handle the mass production as you focus on the marketing of the offering. Jet set for an exciting journey ahead.


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Embedded System Design

Often at the center of any offering is one or more devices. Let's build them for you.

Our offering for embedded system design helps you develop a system from scratch fast and easy. We analyze your requirement, decide on components to use for best meeting your requirements, designing the PCB on which the required system can be built. You can run IoTMATE OS to offer the required features on the micro-controllers and processors in use in the system. This allows you to leverage the power of the underlying hardware in a zero-code manner. This not only helps you have a quick turn-around and go-to-market strategy; this also ensures a stable and reliable product by leveraging our tested software components.


Mobile App

An accompanying mobile application has become an essential component to any product or service being offered. A well designed mobile application not only enhances the user experience, it also adds to the brand value and allows the provider to create unique value proposition. The mobile application development platform allows you to build your unique branded mobile applications with zero or low code.

  • Cross platform development that supports both Android and iOS.
  • Built using MVC model that allows separation of the data model and the control logic from the view.
  • Allows creating unique user experience through customization of the user view without touching the data model or the business logic.
  • Quick and easy integration with IoTMATE API backend.
  • Interface with your devices easily through the IoTMATE Cloud platform.

Cloud Solution

The IoTMATE Cloud Platform is a great way to integrate all your products and services under a single platform. With IoTMATE Cloud Platform, you can easily manage your devices, upgrade them with over-the-air firmware upgrade. You can monitor and control your devices while allowing them to connect and interact with other components of your solution.

  • Monitoring & Control
    Manage your fleet of devices through a single dashboard.
  • Reporting & Analysis
    Generate reports and monitor data with a set of powerful visualization tools.
  • Roles and Policies
    Create roles and define policies that govern the access and privilege level of various devices and applications.
  • Connect Devices and Applications
    Connect your devices and applications to the IoTMATE Cloud platform and allow them to interact. All accesses are governed by authentication and configured role-based policies.

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