Products and services from IoTMATE are based on the IoTMATE's core principle of SEA which promises to bring to its customers products that are Simple, Elegant and Affordable. IoTMATE keeps the customer at the center of its offerings and makes sure that its customers can fulfill their automation needs in the simplest possible manner, however complex the inherent technology may be.
IoTMATE v2b node module is an intelligent node module with each module capable of controlling two appliances. All your v2b nodes would form a device cloud over wifi and will provide you an integrated automation framework with multitude of accessibility options like voice, web, and apps. Its smart feature allows to schedule your appliance's operations based on time and termperature as well. Also it allows manual control of the appliances which gets notified to the online framework allowing a coherent view of your devices.
All IoTMATE products are covered under IoTMATE promise of fulfilling its customers automation needs without having to worry about the purchased products. IoTMATE offers a six months replacement warranty on its products if the product is used as per the usage guidelines.
The smart software on IoTMATE v2b Node keeps monitoring for connectivity issues and switches the mode of operation based on the network health. This ensures a minimum level of access to the device is maintained if Internet is lost or even in the event of wifi outage. However it should be noted that to access the device outside of your wifi network or the device provided wifi network, Internet connectivity is required.
We offer a three months replacement warranty on all non-IoTMATE products sold through our site so that you can enjoy products and services offered through our site without any worry.
Yes, once we roll out the support for Alexa on v2b, a software update will be made available for all our customers. The software upgrade happens over the air with just a click.
IoTMATE v2b devices now support Alexa. You can enable Alexa support by opting for the Alexa enabled firmware and providing us the email-id you use for your Amazon Account. We'll activate your purchased devices against this email-id. You'll then be able to discover and use the devices by linking IoTMATEv2b Skill. Please note the account linking will require "Login With Amazon" based authentication with the provided email-id.