SmartIoT Skill FAQ

FAQ on SmartIoT Alexa Skill

SmartIoT is the accompanying Alexa Skill for all Smart Home devices from IoTMATE. You need to link this Skill with your Alexa account to be able to control and manage your smart home devices from IoTMATE.
This Alexa Skill is meant for controlling and managing Smart Home devices from IoTMATE. So only customers of IoTMATE Smart Home products will find this skill useful and hence only IoTMATE Smart Home customers are allowed to link this skill with their Alexa account.
This Skill is free to use for our customers and will remain so till the lifetime of your IoTMATE SmartHome products.
Currently English (IN), English (UK), and English(US) are supported.
All IoTMATE Smart Home devices like smart switches including touch switches, thermostats, smart lights, security devices like smart lock, smart IP cameras, smart doorbells can all be managed and controlled with this Skill.
This is most likely because the email-id associated with your Alexa account is not present in the customer database. If you have purchased a product from us, please make sure to register your product. If it still fails after registering your product, please contact us at Your account should already be linked if you have purchased a service package from us.
No, the Skill needs to be linked only once. Just register your product and run "Device Discovery" after you have made a purchase.
You can virtually manage and control unlimited number of IoTMATE Smart Home devices with this Skill.