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Hardware Design Services by IoTMATE

A well designed hardware goes a long way in building a great solution.

Hardware is the skeleton on which sophisticated solutions are built for realizing required use cases. Hardware, intelligent or dumb, has an important role to play in the overall scheme of things.

Hardware design services by IoTMATE supports you through the entire process of requirement elicitation for the devices; defining connectivity, functionality, and accessibility for each of them; designing; component selection; prototyping till the final production. With IoTMATE, you can be sure that your hardware development will never fall short of realizing the full potential of your offering.


Requirement Elicitation


Design and Analysis


Prototyping and Validation


Final Production

A Trusted Partner in Your Hardware Development Process

Unlike other design houses; for IoTMATE, the process of hardware design does not begin and end with designing. For IoTMATE, the hardware design services start right with understanding the functionalities expected of a device and defining it's interfaces and connectivity options. A clearly defined set of requirements are then converted into a design that not only meets the functional requirement, but also meets the physical, thermal, and electrical characteristics required. This is followed by careful selection of components considering operational constraints and prototype production for validating all functional and other requirements. Our multi-stage and iterative design process ensures you are certain of the devices meeting all your requirements before you embark on final production.