IoTMATE Cloud Platform

IoTMATION – IoT Cloud Platform from IoTMATE

IoTMATION – A Platform for Internet of Things

IoTMATE Cloud is a platform to run various IoT applications to manage and control multitude of IoT devices. Bulk of the intelligence for the automation services and related management operations is hosted in the IoT Platform. The primary applications that are handled by the IoTMATE Cloud are:

  • User Management – creation, deletion, sharing.
  • User privilege management and role based access policies.
  • Device Onboarding.
  • Device grouping.
  • Device Fleet Management.
  • Device Discovery.
  • Handling IoT protocol communication.
  • Managing Operations.
  • Managing Scenes, Schedules, and Rules.
  • Assist for third party services like Alexa.
  • Any other customized services as required by our customers.
  • You choose to either integrate with our publicly hosted IoT cloud on AWS or build your own captive service using our on-prem offering.

IoTMATION is a multi-tenanted IoT platform. Every tenant instance in the IoTMATION platform runs completely isolated. A proper segmentation of all user data ensures that data of every customer remains separate. IoTMATE team designs and develops the cloud platform keeping the multi-tenancy model at the forefront.

The platform makes use of a strong authentication and authorization mechanism and allows access to services based on the user role. A zero-trust model requires credentials based IAM authentication and Role Based Access Control. This minimizes attack surface and minimizes risk of unauthorized access to services.

The fluid operational model of IoTMATION Platform is flexible and can absorb a large number devices of differing access protocols and capabilities. The platform hides all device specific complexities from all other components including the user interface. Interaction of the platform with the IoTMATION OS running on these devices makes it possible to present a uniform and capability based interface for all the devices to every component in the framework.

IoTMATE uses a predictive pricing model for the use of its cloud platform for the consumers. Unlike most of the competitors, the pricing is based on a per-device, per-year model rather than an unpredictable per-API model as used by most competitors.