IoTMATION For Electrical Device Manufacturers

IoTMATION For Electrical Device and Appliance Manufacturers

Seamlessly extend your product portfolios to address the high growth market of smart devices and home automation with IoTMATION. The IoT platform from IoTMATE along with the IoTMATE OS and an accompanying mobile application makes it simple for legacy device manufacturers to offer secured and reliable smart devices for its customers. As a result, IoTMATION makes it super easy for legacy electrical device manufacturers to build smart connected devices in a fast and easy manner. With our solution requiring zero-coding from the manufacturers; it has never been easier to offer great IoT based smart products. So, if you are an electrical device manufacturer and are excited about the opportunity ahead in the smart devices market; we have a great offering for you that allows you to develop and offer smart devices with ease. The unique advantages offered by IoTMATION are:

  • Complete in-house design and development of all firmware, middleware, and cloud software.
  • Made in India, all data and control remains with Indian company.
  • Cloud native framework that makes the migration to smart devices extremely smooth.
  • Alexa and Google Home support.
  • Scalable, reliable, and secured cloud framework. All accesses are authenticated.
  • Predictable pricing model, low TCO.
  • Complete technical support by IoTMATE engineers for planning and integration.
  • Integration with both MCU based or non-MCU based products.
  • White labeling of products for your own branding.
  • Low MoQ, pay-as-you-use based payment model; very low upfront investments.
  • Feature rich solution with an accompanying mobile application.

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