Diesel Genset Management

Diesel Genset Monitoring and Control with IoTMATION BMS

Diesel gensets are an integral part of any modern building complex. Indian power supply can be unreliable and DGs and UPSes play an important role in providing power back-up. Automation, monitoring, and control of the DGs play an important role in ensuring efficient running of the system and providing the desired backup with the use of the DGs.

To this effect, most modern DGs support an interfacing option with a BMS system. Most vendors often also provide their own proprietary cloud based solution for DG monitoring and control. However, such solution lack the ability to have an integrated dashboard for all equipment in the building. Even managing gensets become difficult with such solution in a multi-vendor scenario. Without the desired integration with other devices it might be inefficient and a facility manager will have to juggle multiple dashboards for a desired control. Such a system cannot provide the 360 Degrees view that an IoT based BMS system can provide. Also a customized alert notification system from such a BMS system can help ensuring smooth running and can also help preventing breakdown. For example, a DG set can be shut off when the coolant temperatures rises above a set threshold, thereby preventing potential breakdown of the DG set. Or a timely notification regarding low fuel level can help preventing an out of fuel condition.

IoTMATE BMS allows monitoring of Diesel Gensets from various vendors through a single dashboard. IoTMATE BMS allows connecting the DGs over various interfaces like the Modbus and BACnet. The IoTMATE BMS allows real time monitoring as well as historical data visualization through the dashboard. Various aspects of a DG like the running hours, running speed of the generator, fuel level, oil pressure, coolant temperature, battery status etc. can be monitored through the BMS.


The IoTMATE BMS will generate alerts for overheating, low fuel level etc.