Smart Electrical Metering

Smart Electrical Meters with IoTMATION BMS

The smart electrical meters from IoTMATE provides distinct advantages over traditional electro-mechanical meters. Integrated into the IoTMATION framework, these meters provide accurate, real-time reading of meters remotely.

  • The IoTMATE smart meters eliminates the need for manual visits and taking readings. This reduces cost of taking readings significantly. It also eliminates the hassles of the physical visit and gaining access to the meters.
  • Faster, easier, and safer reading of meters. The reading can be made remotely without physical access to the property.
  • Accurate measurement and flexible billing options with automated bill generation and transmission.
  • Easy configuration of billing data including the definition of slabs and per-unit rate in every slab.
  • Enforcing limits on energy usage.
  • Implementation of pre-paid mode of electricity distribution.
  • Visualization of electricity usage data for selected period of time or date range.