Indoor Air Quality Management

Indoor Air Quality Management with IoTMATION BMS

Indoor air quality is of particular concern with people spending longer hours indoor post the pandemic outbreak. Indoor air quality management is an important function of a modern BMS. It’s often found that the indoor air is more polluted than even the air on a bust road on several parameters. The wall paint, varnish, pets, upholsteries, use of chemical room fresheners, pollens from indoor plants, lack of circulation of air are some of the main causes contributing to polluted air indoor. Also any gas leakage, or increased Carbon-monoxide (CO) level due to smokes from regular sources of fire like Diya (small lamp using plant based oil) can even be fatal if not corrected on time.

It’s necessary to monitor the indoor air quality on an ongoing basis to maintain indoor air quality to a safe level. Along with keeping various pollutants in check, it’s also important to maintain right humidity level. The humidity level often gets disturbed due to the operation of the AC. So monitoring and maintaining right humidity level is also important for a healthy indoor.

Making use of various sensors to monitor the air quality like CO2 (Carbon dioxide), CO (Carbon monoxide), dust (2.5 PPM and 10 PMM), Volatile Organic Components (VOC), O3 (Ozone) are some of the parameters that a user may choose to monitor. Home automation system powered by IoTMATION can measure and gather these parameters. The user can monitor the measured parameters using the IoTMATION dashboard. A graphical representation of the various parameters over a period of time can help understand factors causing pollution. Also the user can create rules (like turning on an exhaust, switching the AC to recirculation mode, turning on a humidifier etc.) to take distinct actions based on these parameters.

With continuous monitoring, and with actions like switching on the the exhaust fans if the saturation level goes beyond a configured high threshold, the Air Quality Management System from IoTMATE helps maintaining healthy air quality indoor. Various measured parameters like CO2, TVOC, and PM2.5 data and exhaust fan running status can be monitored through the dashboard. It’ll also provide graphical representation of past 24 hrs. data, as well as the monthly data.


Timely alerts and notifications play an important role in any automation system whenever any fault is detected. A timely notification can help ensuring timely intervention and preventing major mishaps. Alert will be raised if the air quality does not improve to an acceptable level over a sustained period of time despite the corrective actions being taken.