HVAC Management

Climate Control with IoTMATION BMS

Centralized ACs are an integral part of any modern large building complex. Almost all commercial complexes, and even some residential complexes make use of centralized ACs to maintain comfortable climatic conditions inside. These buildings make use of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for centralized cooling. These systems usually consist of distributed indoor and outdoor units. Monitoring and managing these distributed systems can be difficult and labor intensive. Malfunctioning may go unnoticed for long period leading to discomfort as well as system breakdown. Hence, monitoring and management of these systems, identification of faults automatically and generating alerts are important to proper functioning of these systems.

IoTMATE BMS integrates third party HVAC system along with temperature and humidity sensors to provide a comfortable and consistent indoor climate. The IoTMATE BMS can integrate the data from a number of sensors and control the HVAC operation based on these sensor data. An intuitive interface provided by the IoTMATE dashboard allows the operator to manage the climate control system of the IoTMATE BMS. IoTMATE BMS supports various interfacing options like MODBUS (RS845), BACnet etc. used by most modern HVAC systems.

The BMS allows the user to remotely control and configure the HVAC units. The IoTMATION mobile application dashboard allows the user to control and monitor the system even remotely. Historical data relating to the units can help in troubleshooting issues. The continuous monitoring of the HVAC system by IoTMATION powered BMS allows quick identification of issues with the system. Timely notifications can help preventing system breakdown via timely intervention.


The BMS system will generate alerts for various conditions like stuck valves or air dampers, fault in exhaust fan etc. based on the available alerts from the HVAC system.