Parking Lighting System

Smart Parking Lighting Using IoTMATION

Lighting in parking area can be expensive, especially when used 24/7. Increased power bills and high replacement cost of the lights can all add to the operating cost of the maintaining the parking area. IoTMATE smart lighting system that detects people, vehicle presence,  and light intensity to provide lighting as needed; helps save energy and reduce cost.

 Presence and light intensity detection, central control  and scheduled lights operation are some of the features of IoTMATION backed lighting system that enables you to create more sustainable car park lighting while keeping visitors safe and comfortable.

Intuitive wireless controls make this plug-and-play solution easy to install and program in both new and existing car parks.

IoTMATE Smart Parking Lighting System Benefits at a Glance

  1. Save energy and reduce cost
  2. It detects the people, vehicle presence and if light intensity is low(in day time) then only turn on the light.
  3. When vehicle move , sensor detect the motion and light intensity and lighting ahead (if needed, in day).
  4. If no motion is detected , switch off the light after pre-set lapse time.
  5. All operations are configurable and customizable by the operator.

User-friendly Features of IoTMATION Powered Smart Lighting System

  • Retrofit: The system can be retrofitted with existing systems. Convert existing light to smart light with minimal hardware support.
  • Grouping: Depending on the parking area , it can group the device and configure the brightness of light.
  • Control: User can control the lights remotely using a mobile application.
  • Fully configurable
    • It can configure lapse time.
    • Can configure the automation based on time, motion detection and light intensity.
  • Easy Installation
    • Depending on the parking area, it can have full Wi-Fi enabled network, so no more wiring is needed.
    • Our systems do support wired services as well, in case you don’t want to go wireless.