CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV surveillance plays an important role in ensuring perimeter security of a large building complex. The CCTV surveillance maybe carried out both indoor and outdoor to augment other forms of security. A modern CCTV surveillance system integrated into the IoTMATION framework offers a large number of benefits over traditional or standalone IP CCTV cameras.

CCTV cameras when integrated into the IoTMATION framework acts as an extension of the overall automation system. While one can use use to monitor and record like a traditional CCTV; it can be also used to perform various advanced activities. This integration allows one to use the CCTV surveillance in a number of interesting use cases. And what’s more, we do all this using IP cameras commercially available, So if you are already using IP cameras, we’ll integrate them into our framework without the need for you to change them.

Store Anywhere, Access Anywhere

With IoTMATION, you have full control over how you store your video streams, and how you access the streams, both live and stored. You can decide to store the video streams on an IoT Gateway locally, or on the cloud. You can choose to access the stream both locally and remotely. Our solution is fully flexible for you to support the use cases that suits your requirement.

Quickly Browse Videos of Interest

With our bookmarking feature, you don’t have to sift through hours of videos before you can spot that brief event that you have been looking for. We bookmark videos as we notice changes in a video frame, so you can quickly identify the event of interest.

Use To Prevent Burglary Attempts

What if your CCTV system could detect a suspicious movement and immediately notify you of the same? Sounds interesting? Well, IoTMATION can do that and much more to make sure that your building is safe.

With IoTMATION, you can integrate the CCTV cameras into the Threat Detection and Management framework. Threat management with IoTMATION allows a flexible framework for threat detection and configurable actions for a detected threat.