Customized Water Level Controller

IoT Based Water Level Controller with IoTMATION BMS

A smart IoT based Water Level Controller from IoTMATE makes it possible to efficiently manage the water needs. Making use of a number of sensors used to detect various parameters like the water level across various tanks and sumps, real time water flow data, various other weather and environment parameters, the IoTMATION water level controller gives you complete flexibility in term of how a precious resource like water is managed to most optimally meet your water needs. Some of the unique advantages provided by IoTMATION are listed below.

  • Highly efficient and optimal management of water ensures least amount of wastage.
  • Completely flexible switching of motors makes sure your water management process follows your exact requirement. No more overflowing tanks or dry run of motors.
  • Ultrasonic measurement of water level at tanks without inserting metal probes inside the tanks. Ensure zero contamination of the water in tanks due to the probes installed.
  • Real time monitoring and visualization of water levels, motor status, and water consumption even from a remote location. No need for manual inspection of the tanks.
  • Alerts and notifications for falling water level ensure timely intervention and prevents running out of water situations.
  • Accurate measurement of water present in the tank.
  • Detection of possible leaks in the pipeline and related notifications allow for correction of leakages.