Smart Metering

Digital Water Meters

Water is a scarce resource and hence it’s important to manage it as efficiently as possible. It’s important to measure the consumption of independent users of a large complex. The purpose for measuring the consumption can be many, like billing for the usage, to keep a tab on the water consumption, to understand demand for water at various times on different days of the week, to even detect leakages. So we observe an increasing trend to implement metering for every independent dwelling units, be it a large residential apartment complex or a commercial building.

Reading a large number of meters on a regular basis however can be cumbersome. Only frequent monitoring of the meters can provide full benefits of metering. However taking such reading would require manual visit to the meters and taking the reading. This is labor intensive, time consuming, and can even be infeasible to gain such physical access frequently.

The digital water meters from IoTMATE measures the flow of water digitally and then passes the data to IoTMATION cloud for processing and storing o the data. The data is visible to the facilities manager as well as to the consumer in real time. Also IoTMATION allows aggregation of such data across groups of meters for the facilities manager. A graphical visualization of past data with various custom filters and date ranges allows useful insights from the water consumption data.

The smart water meters from IoTMATE offers a large array of benefits to both the end consumers as well as the facilities managers. The benefits offered and the lower operational cost compared to traditional meters ensures that the investments in the smart meters well justified.

  • The IoTMATE smart meters eliminates the need for manual visits and taking readings. This reduces cost of taking readings significantly. It also eliminates the hassles of the physical visit and gaining access to the meters.
  • Faster, easier, and safer reading of meters. The reading can be made remotely without physical access to the property.
  • Continuous monitoring of the meter data can help in easily identifying leakages and flow issues.
  • Identify pattern with water usages (like peak demand for water on certain day of the week) and plan accordingly.
  • Accurate measurement and flexible billing options with automated bill generation and transmission.
  • Visualization of water flow data for selected period of time or date range.