IoTMATE CL-SP-V1 WiFi Smart Plug

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If home automation is in your mind, what’s better place than IoTMATE to find products and services. Our products are not only cutting edge and secured; but also customized to your taste, requirement, and budget. This WiFi enabled smart plug from IoTMATE CL-SP-V1 is probably the easiest way to a smart home. With support for both Amazon Alexa and Google home along with accompanying app available for both Android and IoS, you can configure, control, and monitor with ease. Indian plug style ensures it fits easily into the existing electrical system of your home . Simply plug it inn and connect your appliance to t; your device is now ready to offer a cool smart home automation experience.

Integrated Manual Switch Operation

CL-SP-V1 supports controlling of your devices using the regular manual switch as well.  CL-SP-V1 integrates the manual switch operations into the voice framework. Hence you are not only able to use both the interfaces for controlling your devices, but you are also able to monitor the status of your switches at real time using Alexa and Gogle Home. Along with voice, your regular electrical switches work like a two way switch with both ON/OFF control being possible using either of interfaces. With real time updates, you are able to monitor the status of the switch even when the manual switch is used for controlling.

Ease of Use

CL-SP-V1 stands for simplicity, cost effectiveness, and functionality. It’s extremely easy to configure and get started with home automation.


With IoTMATE’s ‘Customer is Priority’ scheme, this product enjoys one-year comprehensive warranty with a ten-days no question asked return. So you get a ten day period to use and experience the great features offered by CL-SP-V1 with complete money back guarantee. Also you get a product replacement warranty if anything goes wrong with the device within one year.


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