IoTMATE CL-SS-2G (2nd Gen) Wi-Fi Smart Switch (White) – Works With Amazon Alexa.


Simple, light on your pocket, but cutting edge and highly functional, IoTMATE CL-SS-2G brings to you a unique Alexa based voice controlled home automation. Coupled with SmartIoT Alexa skill from IoTMATE, this switch will turn your home into a voice controlled smart home in a jiffy. It does not require any additional wiring due to standard WiFi support and thus makes installation and use super easy. Native Alexa support with use of only Amazon Web Services based cloud infrastructure and secured Alexa right from the switch, means a highly secure and scalable solution without the need for any other controller and app. Use IoTMATE CL-SS-2G for a feature rich, easy to configure and easy to use, best in class voice based home automation experience.


If home automation is in your mind, what’s better place than IoTMATE to find products and services. Our products are not only cutting edge and secured; but also customized to your taste, requirement, and budget. The WiFi enabled smart switch CL-SS-2G is a perfect blend of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and voice enabled framework using Alexa. As a result, it makes voice enabled smart home control of your home smooth and seamless with easy retrofitting. Inbuilt WiFi support ensures no need for any additional wiring to support these switches.

Integrated Manual Switch Operation

CL-SS-2G supports controlling of your devices using the regular manual switch as well. Also the manual switches no longer carry AC when you use CL-SS-2G and thus eliminates any risk of shock. CL-SS-2G integrates the manual switch operations into the voice framework. Hence you are not only able to use both the interfaces for controlling your devices, but you are also able to monitor the status of your switches at real time using Alexa. Along with voice, your regular electrical switches work like a two way switch with both ON/OFF control being possible using either of interfaces. With real time updates, you are able to monitor the status of the switch even when the manual switch is used for controlling.

Native Alexa Support

CL-SS-2G supports Alexa natively; that means you do not need any hub or controller to use these switches. As a result, it not only provides great value for money, it also responds to voice commands much faster and provides an accurate status update at real time.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts all our cloud components. CL-SS-2G directly connects to AWS over a secured connection without the use of any third part server. This ensures your home automation system is completely safe and secure.

Ease of Use

CL-SS-2G stands for simplicity, cost effectiveness, and functionality. Due to native Alexa support, there is no need for configuration through a third party app before configuring with Alexa. Simply open your Alexa app, link our SmartIoT smart home skill once from Alexa Skill Store, and discover your devices. Once discovered, you are ready to experience the amazing voice control supported by IoTMATE Smart Home and Alexa. IoTMATE CL-SS-2G provides best in class voice based home automation experience with multiple integration choices. Over-the-Air (OTA) Software upgrade support allows us to push updates periodically to the device. This ensures your device is always running the latest software with all the latest features.


With IoTMATE’s ‘Customer is Priority’ scheme, this product enjoys one-year comprehensive warranty with a ten-days no question asked return. So you get a ten day period to use and experience the great features offered by CL-SS-2G with complete money back guarantee. Also you get a product replacement warranty if anything goes wrong with the device within one year.


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