IoTMATE v2b Generic Node Home Automation Module

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A very powerful yet very affordable home automation module that gives you a complete home automation experience without you ever feeling the need of a controller. This stand alone device with its useful feature set would ensure you have the right control over your home.

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IoTMATE v2b Generic Node Module

The IoTMATE v2b Generic Node is a state of the art home automation module that is desgined to work without the need of any controller. The device is capable of controlling two appliances upto a maximum rating of 15 amps. of resistive load each. The sophisticated software running in the device provides you with a smooth and rich home automation experience. This product has been designed keeping in mind the need to have a minimalist product that gives the maximum bang for the buck. We are sure you will enjoy the convenience, energy saving, and security provided by this device.


Convenience and accessibility:

  • Measure, Monitor, and Control your appliances from anywhere in the world.
  • Seamless integration with your current wiring. It’ll retrofit with your existing switches and go behind your switchboard allowing quick and easy installation (please check dimensions to ensure fitment).
  • Turn on/off your appliances remotely using internet. Also control your appliances without internet by accessing the WiFi AP supported by the device.
  • Manual switch operation is integrated with the device and the same will get updated in the web page.
  • Measure temperature and humidity and store the data for 24 hours at every half an hour interval.
  • Schedule Automatic turn-on/off criteria based on time or temperature. So you can schedule your devices to be powered on and off at times determined by you or based on the climate as you decide.
  • No need to install any app, can be controlled directly over any browser.
  • Simple, Elegant, and Intuitive Graphical User Interface for easy operation.
  • Tabular and graphical representation of switch, temperature, and humidity data for easy interpretation.


Salient Features of the Software: 

  • Device supports both AP and Station Mode for WiFi so that device can be both accessed with or without home WiFi.
  • Comes preconfigured with a sub-domain of your choice along with automatic Dynamic DNS registration for accessing the device over the Internet using the sub-domain.
  • Supports Network Time Protocol for accurate time synchronization.
  • Cookie based session control with simple password based authentication for access control.
  • Over The Air software updates for easy upgrades to latest software from IoTMATE.
  • All configuration data stored locally. So device would return to correct state even if there is power failure.
  • Your device data does not go out of your device providing complete privacy.


Power Saving:

  • Eliminates need to leave device in switched on state when you are away or not able to turn it off at right time. You can do it remotely or at a particular time or at particular temperatures.

Security Features:

  • Away mode of the device simulates human presence by turning on target appliances for a brief period of time in the night.
  • Also appliances can be turned-on/off remotely over the Internet to simulate same effect.

IoTMATE Promise:

At IoTMATE, we strive for complete customer satisfaction with quality product and service. IoTMATE promises complete support right from purchase, delivery, installation to operation through the lifetime of the product. All IoTMATE Servers are located in India, you device does not interact with any server/cloud. IoTMATE v2b does not send any sensitive data like your appliance status etc. out of your device.

Product Dimension: 111x42x26 (mm).

Package Includes:

A brand new IoTMATE v2b generic node module along with attached cables, user manual, installation guide, free sub-domain.

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Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 111 × 42 × 26 mm

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