Build Home Automation Systems Using Your Own Brand

This is a tailor made offering from IoTMATE for System Integrators, Interior Decorators, Builders, and other home automation providers. IoTMATE with its unique innovative products and solutions makes it easy for you to offer home automation solutions to end consumers using products and solutions carrying your own brand and identity.

How Does It Work

Under this scheme, you get to build home automation system for your customers using your branded components. All customer visible aspects like physical devices, mobile applications, and other services like the Alexa skill will carry your logo and brand identity.


  1. Feature rich, reliable products for every home automation needs.
  2. Devices running stable IoTMATE OS that stands for reliability.
  3. Devices carrying your logo and identity.

      App and Skill

  1. Mobile Application built using IoTMATE mobile development platform providing unparalleled features and security.
  2.  Alexa skill with your custom skill name.
  3. Mobile application carrying your brand identity.

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