IoTMATE® v2b-CL Wi-Fi 2-gang Smart Switch (White)

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IoTMATE® CL-PGSS-3G Wi-Fi 3-gang Smart Switch (White) – Control Your Devices from Anywhere, No Hub Required, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, no hub required.


IoTMATE® v2b-CL 2-Gang Smart Switch


The IoTMATE® v2b-CL is a state of the art home automation module supporting two switches. This two-gang device is capable of controlling two appliances. Each switch can support appliances up to a maximum rating of 10 amps. of resistive load. You can control both the switches independently. As a result, one device works like two smart switches.

The device has inbuilt 802.11 WiFi, temperature and humidity measurement, and two manual switches which are fully integrated into the Alexa platform. Due to the inbuilt WiFi, the device can connect to your home WiFI seamlessly.


Key Specifications

  • Working Voltage:110-240V
  • Current Rating:10 Amps or 2200Watts on each of the three outputs.
  • WiFi Support:802.11b/g/n with several encryption and authentication support.
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
  • Six months replacement warranty.

Key Home Automation Features

  • Voice control – Works with Amazon Alexa.
  • Control using app with or without Internet. Internet required only for remote access.
  • Monitortemperature and humidity through the app.
  • Easy installation and setup. You can easily retrofit with your existing home wiring.
  • Support manual switches for both the gangs. Manual operation is fully integrated into the cloud infrastructure.

Configuration of IoTMATE® v2b-CL

IoTMATE® v2b Alexa Skill
IoTMATE® v2b Alexa Skill
IoTMATE® v2b Alexa Skill
IoTMATE® v2b Alexa Skill
IoTMATE® v2b Alexa Skill
IoTMATE® v2b Alexa Skill


Ten days money back guarantee against manufacturing defects. Six months replacement warranty against manufacturing defects.


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